Hello and Welcome to GyanPurush!! Research tells that recruiter spends just Six seconds on an average before shortlisting a candidate. Your resume should be able to make an impression in those six seconds. Else, you would find it really difficult to get into next round. This blog gives you 10 useful tips on resume writing. Ensure you covered all these 10 tips before sending your resume to a recruiter.

First, your resume should outline the summary of your experience and area of expertise. It may so happen that you may not have the relevant skill set to apply for a job. But if you want to pursue your career in a new domain, you may well bring out your interest in the summary. But be prepared to have justifications for your change of interest in an interview.

Second, your resume should have a recent professional photograph, with 70% face occupancy. It creates a first impression with your recruiter when he/ she is looking at your resume. The recruiter can also recollect the conversation that you had on a later date on seeing your photograph in the resume.

Third, mention your email id and mobile number in the resume. Do not provide stylish or funny email ids. Maintain a dedicated email id for all job correspondences. Do not use this email id for any newsletter subscriptions. Else, you may miss out on an important job email among junk emails.

Fourth, have a QR code of your LinkedIn page displayed alongside your photograph. This will help recruiter to land on your LinkedIn page to get more information about you. Never miss out to display LinkedIn page in your resume if your superior has provided a LinkedIn recommendation mentioning/ highlighting your core competencies and soft skills.

Fifth, mention your academic qualifications with the highest degree as first. Display your academic qualification on the first page, if you are an alumnus of top colleges/universities. If you have a better and relevant work experience, you can push your academic qualification to the second page provided that recruiter is not particular about pass-out from top colleges/ universities.

Resume Writing Tips

Sixth, talk about 4 to 6 number of core competencies that you displayed in your profession. These are the technical skills that you have excelled in the past.

Seventh, describe 4 to 6 number of Soft Skills. Soft skills are those that define your personality. They are not computer IT skills. Also, have reasons to bring out how soft skills helped you personally and professionally.

Eighth, your Professional experience. Write about the latest experience as first; in some cases, most relevant experience as first. But be precise and concise. If you have worked in multiple sectors, you need to highlight the most relevant work experience first. However, if you cannot quantify your achievements of relevant experience, go with the latest experience as first. Give you experience in simple bulleted format. Carefully load your resume with keywords but never overload.

Ninth, highlight your career growth path and ‘quantifiable’ professional achievements. Mention clearly whether your achievement is an individual effort or a team effort. Never overplay achievements of team’s success as your’s unless you can bring out your specific contribution that made the difference.

Tenth, provide additional information on your academic excellence, extra-curricular activities, social involvement, and references if any.

And most importantly, your resume should NOT stretch beyond 2 pages. Remember, you have only Six seconds of your recruiter. 

Hope you found this blog useful for your resume writing. Also, read my blog on How a recruiter shortlists a profile for the job. Do subscribe to my blog and stay updated.  Share my blog with your friends in social media.

Resume Writing Tips

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