Gone are those days of putting ads on billboards, newspapers, radio, TVs, burning cash for branding and lead generation. These marketing mediums are highly ineffective with very high spillover costing us millions of monies to target a very small percentage of audience. This blog post will give an insight how we can utilize the power of digital marketing mediums – Social Media and Search Engine platforms, to show an ad to our target audience and get a better return on marketing spend.

Broadly, we can say Social Media as a demand generation platform. In this platform, we show ads to people who are likely to be interested in our product / service. We look at them as one of our potential customers. However, we do not know if they will like our product / service and have any real requirement of our product / service until they engage with us. Even if they engage with our ad, we cannot be certain if they will become a lead and go on to buy our product / service.

On the other hand, Search Engines are demand fulfillment platforms. Here, we target ads to people who have an immediate or a future requirement and are looking for a product / service similar to ours. People are more likely to become a lead and go one to become a buyer of a product / service either from us or from our competitors.

According to the marketing needs, one should wisely use the right medium for right results. Every digital platform has a varied audience type. Using Social Media platforms, we can run campaigns for branding, increasing web traffic, increasing audience engagement, and even do a lead generation.

Among the social media, Facebook leads the pack with over 2 billion people users and has more commoners in its platform. It is by far the most active and engaging among social platforms. And it allows to do various campaigns – branding, engagement, traffic building, lead generation at a much cheaper cost. If your product / service caters to B2C, Facebook is one among the first platform you have to leverage in the digital campaigns.

Actors, Sportsmen, Politicians spend most of their social time in Twitter and Instagram posting updates to their followers.

If your target is high net-worth individuals (HNIs), CXOs, Influencers, LinkedIn is the platform you have to be in. LinkedIn is a very professional platform where we can target audience with their designation, place of work etc. Not many people display their designation in their Facebook profile. Also, most of the Facebook fan pages/ Twitter accounts are managed by third-party agencies. Apart from this, there is one major drawback in all other Social Media platforms – that is, fake profiles. LinkedIn, though has a little more than 100 million profiles, can boost of lower fake profiles. And those are the advantage of LinkedIn platform.

If you are having a requirement for a leads, the lead generation campaigns using Search Engines (Google / YouTube / Bing / Yahoo) provide a very high quality leads compared to the lead generation campaigns using Social Media (Facebook/ Whatsapp / Facebook Messenger / Instagram / Twitter / Skype / Snapchat / Pinterest / LinkedIn) though cost per lead-acquisition (CPA) is higher. This is because, people use Search Engines, and not Social Media, to look for high-involvement products such as bikes/ cars/ villas/ apartments.

Power of Digital Marketing Mediums

Among the Social Media platforms, most of the Companies and Digital marketing agencies overestimate the power of Facebook adverts and underestimate the power of LinkedIn / Twitter adverts. If you are looking to sell luxury products / services, then branding/ lead generation campaigns in LinkedIn / Twitter are more powerful than branding/ lead generation campaigns in Facebook.

With the introduction of ad networks such as Google AdSense, Search Engines have partly compensated for the lack of branding and demand generation campaigns in its portfolio. However, Search Engines can never be an engagement platform and it shall remain exclusive to Social Media platforms.

For low-involvement products such as FMCG/ OTC products, then brand recall / brand recognition is very important to occupy in top-3 positions of audience mind. People do not spend their precious time searching for such products / services in Search Engines. In such cases, branding and engagement campaigns in Social Media are more effective than Search Engines and are a good alternative to ineffective ATL campaigns.

For some products / services, there may not be any demand in market. In such case, promotional campaigns using ATL/ BTL mediums and digital platforms becomes an absolute necessity to generate the demand.

Another powerful tool that these digital marketing mediums can boost of is – Remarketing, which is not possible in any of the traditional marketing mediums. By installing tracking codes provided by these digital platforms, we can easily retarget an audience who had earlier shown interest in our ad campaigns. And, with the power of analytics, we can understand how visitors are engaging with our website, what actions are been taken by these visitors. With heat maps and visitor recordings tools, we can even monitor which part of websites are getting traction.

A wiser marketer will invest in ATL campaigns during launches / offer roll-out, or for a branding exercise. Once the product / service has been launched into market, he has an option to remain invested in digital platforms for a sustained campaign. A successful marketing strategy will have a right mix of traditional and digital marketing mediums in its campaign and each complementing one another thereby optimizing the marketing budget and return-on-marketing spend.

To conclude, digital marketing mediums have four main advantages over traditional marketing mediums viz:

  1. We can precisely target an ad to a section of audience in any part of globe – age, gender, location, education, designation, work, devices – hence lower spillover and a better ROI.
  2. We can design an effective marketing campaign, even with a limited budget.
  3. We can always assess the effectiveness of the campaign and fine-tune the campaign at any point of time, even after ad goes live!
  4. We can re-engage with a prospect through a re-marketing campaign at a later date.

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I am a Google AdWords certified Sales & Marketing professional, with a penchant for digital and futuristic marketing, from Chennai, India. I have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in marketing along with running a results-oriented marketing campaign. Blogging and Mentoring are my passion.

Power of Digital Marketing Mediums
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