In this post, let us learn on brand awareness and its classification.

Brand awareness is the extent to which a buyer can recall or recognize a brand or a brand’s feature. They are categorized as brand recall and brand recognition.

Brand Recall

Brand Awareness Brand Recall

When a buyer can make up his mind on purchasing a particular product even before entering a store, we call it the power of brand recall. A brand recall happens only when a buyer makes an association with the product, which is termed as the brand association. A buyer’s experience, not brand’s advertisement, plays an important role in brand recall. This is a very important influencing parameter for high-involvement products such as a jewel brand or a car manufacturer or even, an online store.

Brand Recognition

Brand Awareness Brand Recognition

When a buyer makes a purchasing decision on seeing the product on the shelf and by recognizing the product while inside the store, we call it as brand recognition. A buyer may not be able to recall the brand name but he will be able to associate with the brand attributes and that influences his buying decision. Advertisement and ad recall lift plays an important role in brand recognition. This is a very important influencing parameter for low-involvement products such as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), where a buyer does not spend too much time comparing the goodness of the products in a category.

Top-of-mind awareness (TOMA)

Along with brand awareness, top-of-mind awareness plays important role in purchasing decision. When a buyer impromptu asked to utter a few brand names in a product category, he can immediately recollect only 3-5 brands in each category. His mind can store only 3-5 brand names. A buyer takes time to recollect rest of the brand names. This is top-of-mind awareness (TOMA).

To test the effectiveness of advertising campaign and brand strength, Companies conduct a market research/survey targeting its audience for impromptu questions, first subjecting the audience to an unaided test and then subjecting the audience to an aided test by showing product packaging but without its brand identity.

Companies also conduct a market research/survey when it has redesigned a brand logo or changed its tagline to ensure that their advertising strategies had captured minds of the target audience. Such tests are also carried out by the Companies before and after launching the product in a new market to understand the impact of advertising strategies on brand awareness.

If the buyer is not able to recall or recognize a brand, he won’t become a buyer at all let alone a loyal customer.

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Brand Awareness

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